1995 March

Brook Paquette begins working relationship with several YPO chapters producing printed membership directories, event invitations and other graphic services.

2009 June

The Code Crew, a website development company, partnership is formed by Brook Paquette/Accounts, Linda Brown/Webmaster and David Brown/Programmer.

2009 September

The Code Crew hired to convert the YPO Arizona Chapter membership directory to a website with administrative editors. YPO Arizona member suggests making this ‘excellent chapter management tool’ into a SaaS marketing it to other YPO chapters. Partners agree and name it ChapterPRO.

2013 January

ChapterPRO signs up its 8th YPO chapter, and its first International chapter.

2013 February

Over three and a half years, ChapterPRO is customized for YPO chapters by receiving extensive member and administrator feedback, developing and implementing new features only as requested.

2013 March

Greg Paquette becomes the fourth The Code Crew partner. Actively marketing ChapterPRO for the first time, the customer base triples by years’ end.

2013 December

ChapterPRO signs up its 25th YPO chapter.

2014 April

Upon invitation, The Code Crew attends a meeting with the YPO COO, IT and Exchange leadership at YPO headquarters in Irving, TX. ChapterPRO and YPO sign a confidentiality agreement.

2014 May

YPO authorizes ChapterPRO is in full compliance with the YPO data security and third party website/software vendor policies.

2014 August

Mobile web app released to customers.

2015 June

ChapterPRO signs up it’s 50th YPO chapter.

2015 October

Event integration from ChapterPRO to YPO Exchange-Cvent begins, events entered in ChapterPRO upload to YPO Exchange-Cvent in one click.

2015 December

ChapterPRO signs up its first non-YPO customer.

2016 March

Google Analytics and BlackQard integrated within ChapterPRO.

2017 June

ChapterPRO signs up it’s 100th YPO Chapter.

2018 April

ChapterPRO signs up its first YNG Chapter, developing an affordable offering for all YNG Chapters.

2018 July

ChapterPRO signs up its first EO chapter.

2018 September

First of the V8 upgrades release, Site Access Report.

2019 February

V8 Email Editor upgrade released.

2019 March

Text to members released.

2019 April

ChapterPRO signs up it’s 150th YPO Chapter.

2019 June

ChapterPRO signs up it’s 30th YPO international chapter.

2019 September

First Advisory Board meeting, made up of YPO, YPO Gold, YNG members and Chapter Administrators.

2020 February

V8 User Interface and V4 Event Editor upgrades released.