We continue to improve the member and admin experience every day by implementing features requested by our customers.

Updates in Progress for Administrators
v8 Email Editor
  • Updated user interface
  • Select sender name and email - member, spouse or admin
  • Select recipients by member type, event, division, directory, non-member or group
  • Updated toolbar editor
v8 Event Editor
  • Updated user interface
  • Set limited attendance with automatic waitlist
  • Set display event only to those invited option
  • Additional customizations cancellation policy per event
  • Invite by gender and custom groups
  • Create unlimited options
  • Create unlimited selections within each option type
  • Set any option as required or optional response
  • Prioritize options within a selection
  • Create Q & A open field response option
  • Deploy RSVP maybe/tentative option
  • Add multiple resource links to events
  • Attach multiple files to events
  • Create event evaluation/survey integration
  • Setup user pay fee payments through CheddarUp, e-check, or credit card
v8 Event Reports
  • Updated report design and filters
  • View/Export/Print master attendance report
  • Export event attendee names and company for badges
  • Separated spouse names
  • Add non-member attendees directly to report
v8 Member Editor
  • Select from expanded custom titled member types: prospects, honorary members + more
  • Education, clubs and languages
  • Enter notes to profile for admin viewing only
  • Create custom groups
  • Forum Training added to profile
  • Dietary allergies & restrictions, transferred to event report
  • Expanded customizable other fields
  • Special needs section
  • Upload member biographies as PDF file or link to video
  • New Company selection menus – Business Category and Type of Business
  • Separated Assistant first and last names
  • On-site messaging to individual member
v8 Site Access Report
  • Filter report by member type and spouses  DONE
  • Search by first or last name   DONE
  • View alphabetically, or by last website, or last mobile date/time   DONE
  • View last website and last mobile on same page   DONE
  • Report summary   DONE
  • Print any report   DONE
New Board Meeting Editor and Calendar Manager
New Chapter Dues Editor
New Admin Guides  DONE

Updates in Progress for Members
v8 Event Calendar
  • Updated page design
  • Search by event title, select by event date, filter events by invitees or event type
  • View event summary display includes RSVP status, fees due and payment button
  • View summary or expand to view event details
  • View sponsor ads displayed and linked to websites
  • Access archive of learning theme mastheads and officer messages
v8 Event Page
  • Updated page design
  • RSVP status icon on event calendar
  • RSVP maybe/tentative
  • Pay user-pay fees through CheddarUp
  • RSVP to multi-day events with multiple activities per day
  • Prioritize selections from options
  • Answer open ended questions
  • Select reason for not attending
  • View members not attending list
v8 Member Profiles
  • Updated page design
  • Forum displayed on profile
  • View member PDF or video biographies   DONE
v8 Member Editor
  • Add extended family members
  • Enter dietary requirements, integrated with events
  • Enter education, clubs, languages
  • Specify special needs
  • Set preferred email address & do not email option
  • Upload PDF or video biographies
v8 Mobile Web App
  • Receive text alerts for events and notfications from administrator
  • RSVP status on calendar screen
  • New User Guides   DONE
  • Established 2009 + over 25 years experience working for YPO chapters. We know YPO!
    2017-2018 Chapter Year Upgrades
    • User menu redesign, larger typeface, new font and color
    • Onsite ChapterPRO announcements to admins and agents
    • Expanded interface, masthead fluid width pages
    • Customer service link from admin control panel
    • Link to Exchange moved to user menu
    • Events for OTHER attendees only
    • Event editor assign children according to member type
    • Export all member data vCards
    • Event editor attendees board member selections
    • Spouse occupation added to profile
    • Default text size increased in email editor
    • Spouse last names added to event YES report in export file
    • Members help docs
    • Add education year video to event calendar
    • Chapter officers assigned in editor dynamically populate on member profile
    • Back-end site management program updates
    • Subscribe to calendar on website and mobile

    2016-2017 Chapter Year Upgrades
    • Site administration upgrades
    • Accommodate up to 5 site admins and site agents for each member type
    • Admin and assistant login history
    • Assign site privileges giving board members access to specific admin editors
    • Store domain registration information
    • Store admin email information
    • Chapter specific site access settings
    • Add one year to remember me settings
    • Spouse and children DOB and age display optional
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Member access to YPO Retreats & Perks, BlackQard integration
    • Add subdivisions to member profiles
    • Other invitee only events
    • Support event video play on event page on website and mobile
    • Photo gallery added to mobile site
    • Option to display non-members in Who’s Attending list
    • Display two calendar years in current year calendar
    • Customizable cancellation fine per event
    • Select default member directory for dual sites on mobile
    • Expand currency symbols for Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Taiwan
    • Copy link for news items
    • Back-end site management program updates
    • Venue and venue hyperlinks added to RSVP confirmation email

    2015-2016 Chapter Year Upgrades
    • Event integration with YPO Exchange
    • Event attributes (type, audience and focus)
    • RSVP confirmation email upgrade
    • Traffic reports for desktop, mobile and public sites
    • Spouse DOB and company info added to profile
    • Member position and company type added to profile
    • Print directory, complete profiles in 1 and 2-up format
    • Print roster formatting upgrade
    • Add residence email addresses to event export file
    • Editor for uploading event sponsor ads
    • Back-end site management program updates for faster CS responses and expanded site customizations

    2014-2015 Chapter Year Upgrades
    • YPO data security / third party website / software compliant
    • Mobile app V2 - new features
    • Chapter leadership
    • Forum groups
    • Chapter news
    • Chapter policies & information
    • Pay with credit card
    • News item pop up alert
    • Customized app icon
    • Customized mobile access instructions
    • Dual photos on member profile
    • Photo gallery integration
    • Expand member profile data in export file
    • Marketing site for chapter prospects
    • Login interface upgrade
    • Events upgrades and new features
    • Kids only events
    • Add "do not display Who's Attending list" option
    • Who's Attending list formatting upgrade
    • Marketplace
    • Delete event function
    • RSVP confirmation email to admins options expanded
    • Event report export to Excel formatting upgrade
    • Email event invitation/reminder - rsvp link with login bypass
    • RSVP confirmation email sends to customized recipient
    • Bulletin board optional
    • Chapter officer titles preloaded to chapter officers editor and member profile offices held
    • Rotating education year sponsor ads increase from 5 to 10 sponsor banners
    • Website activity report expanded to include mobile login
    • Previous/next navigation for offline event
    • Customizable activities titles in member profile
    • Back end site management program phase 1 (faster responses to customer service requests!)