"You guys were absolutely amazing to work with and I'll give you a glowing recommendation to any and all who ask!"
Rhonda McDonald
Chapter Administrator, Arizona Gold
"Thanks Brook. This is exactly what we needed. Thank you very much for helping us. I really love the website and adding these features as we go along is even better yet. I appreciate your support and all you do to help us improve our chapter benefits."
Dianna Anderson
Chapter Administrator, Twin Cities Gold
"Thanks so much for holding my hand through the process. Much appreciated."
Randy Brown
Gold Maverick Chapter
"Working with the team at The Code Crew has been an exceptional experience. Their approach to meeting our needs while simultaneously keeping things simple has made our site a success. They truly went above and beyond to deliver ChapterPRO."
Brian Vincent
Member, YPO Arizona
"It works perfectly. I love the clarity, the font and layout. WOW, nice app, great job."
Mike Tonti
Gold Maverick Chapter
"Thanks for creating a user-friendly website and mobile app. ChapterPRO continues to improve while other resources I’m given to manage the chapter become more difficult to navigate and very time-consuming to create and update content in."
Eronaelle Kuhn
YPO San Francisco Bay Chapter Manager
"I love the website...very clean, quick loading and easy to navigate. Nice work."
Jeff Brandt
YPO Chicagoland
"Working with ChapterPRO has been a breeze. Not only are they fast to respond to queries, but speak in a language I can understand. The site is extremely easy to update and use. RSVPing to events takes the members less than 10 seconds whether on a desktop or smartphone. And, I can pull live time reports in seconds. Thank you ChapterPRO!"
Jayna Larrea
Chapter Administrator, YPO Twin Cities
"You guys make life very easy!"
Ann Kellison
YPO Indiana Chapter
"The ChapterPRO interface is one of my favorite parts of my job. I love it! It is so intuitive and easy to use!"
Laura Gieseking
Chapter Administrator
"Brook, you are a treasure. Based on our experience with you to date, you fall among the top 1% of CS people we've ever worked with."
Krista Springer and Terry Gearing
YPO Palm Beach Gold Chapter Administrators
"I have my life before ChapterPRO and after ChapterPRO."
Victoria Villegas
Executive Director, YPO Colombia
"Very nice ChapterPRO team! Thank you for pivoting so quickly on this update to ChapterPRO during Covid-19! Great job! "
Maggie Divarco,
PO Gold Chicago Chapter Administrator
"Great website…so easy!"
Gold member assistant
"Congratulations to you and your team for developing an amazing piece of software; one that should become every Chapter Administrator’s #1 tool."
Cathy Clark, Chapter Administrator,
YPO California Route 66
"He L-O-V-E-S the site for all the reasons the YPOI site is not: simple to navigate and not overloaded with content"
Gold member
"I logged in and everything looks great. I especially like the mobile app where I can see all the upcoming events and RSVP! This is a HUGE update to what we had."
JC Risewick
YPO Iowa
"I figured out how to update picture on my member profile. I love this app!"
Jim Bellas
YPO Gold Washington DC & Baltimore
"Brook, thanks for the prompt and thorough response! It was a fun and productive call this morning (who would have thought it?!) and your timely response provides insight into what it will be like working with ChapterPRO - kudos to you. We’re glad to join the other YPO/Gold chapters."
Dick Rivera
Florida Suncoast Gold
"Just a note to congratulate ChapterPRO on the new email editor version. It really makes everything easier!" KUDOS."
Adriana Delgado
YPO Mexico Gold Chapter